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collegelolita's Journal

Lolitas in College
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Going away to college can be a lonely time for anyone. Ever been curious if there are any lolita in your college, but don't want to spam egl? This is a place for people interested in the Japanese lolita fashion to find, meet, and make friends with lolitas who are attending their college or university.


1. Respect other members and mods.
Give out CC in a constructive manner, don't post ignorant comments trying to start drama, etc. If someone is being rude don't be rude back; two wrongs do not make a right. (but two rights make a left olololo)

2. Please keep your posts on topic.
Keep your posts relevant to lolita fashion. Organizing meetups, meeting people, etc is the point of this community...so do it!

3. No sales posts please.

4. Cut all large images and text.
All images above 400x400 pixels must be cut as well as WALLS OF TEXT OMG. If it is not cut, then someone will probably ask you to cut it anyway.

5. Please tag your posts.
In order to make things easier for people searching, I ask that you all tag your intro posts with your college name/acronym, state/province, and country.